Purrty Suga FAQs

Here at Purrty Suga, we are committed to quality and want to share a few notes and about our product for your awareness!

How much does each piece of pecan candy weigh?

Good Question! Pecan candy is one of the more challenging candies to weigh as its nearly impossible to ensure the exact number of pecans in each individual candy. Here’s what Purrty Suga promises: You’ll have plenty! Our original size pralines are approximately 2.25 oz each and the size of a standard cookie. The mini pralines are approximately 1 oz. For the larger quantities, we don’t skimp! We maintain the size standards of our individual candy!

Are the pecans raw?

Purrty Suga lightly salts and roasts all pecans prior to candy making! We find it enhances the natural flavor of the pecans and helps them retain their crisp throughout the cooking process.

How many pecans are in each batch?

Well, that depends on how many you order! Each batch is rough chopped and made to order from fresh roasted pecans at the time of processing! No sharing when it comes to the good stuff!

I've heard pecans are sometimes bitter. Why?

While care is taken to ensure all pieces of the shell are removed during the roasting and chopping process, on rare occasion you may encounter a bit of the corky material from inside the nut, or the mildly unpleasant taste of tannin (a naturally occurring compound sometimes resulting in a source of bitterness in pecans and other natural products). While this occurrence will be at a minimum, it’s important to know what that sharp taste is. The good news is, the taste is usually isolated to the respective nut, and not the entire piece of candy. As always, if you have any quality concerns with your pecan candy, please do not hesitate to reach out to PurrtySuga@gmail.com.

So, what does tannin taste like?

Sharp and dry, particularly experienced in the front part of your mouth. Fun fact, tannin is also common in naturally unsweetened tea and wine! Interesting huh?

I have an allergy. Can you make pralines without the pecans?

Absolutely! Just Suga! Pralines are all about candy, no nuts! Available is most flavors! Please note, precautions are taken to avoid cross contact with nuts, however nut dust transfer is possible. If you have an allergy, please ensure you consider this before consuming. 

How often do you ship?

Purrty Suga, LLC ships on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday during most of the year. Please allow 1-3 days for processing until shipping, depending on when your order in placed. If you need to accommodate a particular date and the standard shipping schedule does not work, please reach out to discuss options at PurrtySuga@gmail.com. All shipping holidays are recognized, orders will go out the next business shipping day.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is based on the combined weight of the products selected and usually accomplished via USPS Priority 2-day shipping, unless the respective order calls for something different or another shipping service provider.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do! Not only do we offer volume discounts in bulk size orders, we also discount most individual products over a given amount! We recognize pralines can be costly and look for ways to pass on savings where we can. Also, look out for flash sales, discount codes, shipping discounts, and special pricing on select products! 


Thank you for choosing Purrty Suga!