About Us!

Purrty Suga, LLC is owned and operated by Rachael (affectionately known as Suga!) and Kennedi, our next generation pecan candy maker! And if you knew these two, you would know these pralines are made with love and a whole lot of sass! All Purrty Suga pralines are made to order and cooked in small batches to ensure optimal temperature control and quality. Sure, it adds to the time spent in the kitchen, but when you love what you do, its all good!  

A note from the Owner:

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your treat! What I love most about pralines is the endless creativity and love pecan candy makers pour into something so small and sweet! There’s no one way to do it right and that means there is fun to be had in production! Members of my family have made pralines for generations, using several different recipes; each with their own unique flair. We even have a few flavors dedicated to our family of praline makers/motivators; such as Papascotch (named for my Father’s creation and favorite flavor) and Sweet & Sassy (my aunt, who is just that, and shall eternally be missed!). Pralines are as diverse as the neighborhoods they are created in, and I am proud to bring this sweet taste of the south into the metro area and most importantly your home! 

My story is pretty sweet too! Pralines started as a retirement goal. I repeatedly proclaimed “when I retire, I’m just going to make pecan candy until the end of my days!” Well not so! My loving friends and family encouraged me to no longer put that dream aside and pursue my goals now! As a full-time career employee and single mother to a pre-teen with more on her to-do list than I, opening up my praline business has been no small feat! It’s a labor of love, an investment, a legacy I can hand down to my daughter…and now it’s a piece of ME I can share with YOU!

 Now that’s enough of me! Head on over to the product pages and let me share some of my suga with you!